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Thomas & Friends

In our experience, the average 3-year old Thomas fan has no trouble keeping all the Thomas & Friends characters straight. Parents and other caregivers, however, could often use a little help.

Having trouble telling Iron 'Arry from Iron Bert? Can't ever remember the name of Toby's faithful coach? We have put together the Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends Character Guide to help you keep up with your child.

  • Ada, Jane and Mabel

    Ada, Jane and Mabel are open carriages that appear in the original Thomas the Tank Engine books by Reverend W. Awdry. They are used on the Narrow Gauge Railway to pull tourist passengers on sunny days.
  • Alfie the Excavator

    Alfie the Excavator is a member of the team called "The Pack" who works for the Sodor Construction Company. Alfie makes the hardest job seem like play, "More help mean more dirt, more dirt mean more fun" is what he likes to say, He likes to spin around like a top, but he never gets dizzy.
  • Annie

    Annie, one of Thomas's faithful coaches, was given to him as a reward for proving himself to be a Really Useful Engine. Annie, a passenger coach, is always pulled by Thomas and travels facing him.
  • Arthur

    When Arthur first came to the Island, he had never been in an accident. He was very careful and very proud of his spotless record. Thomas was jealous and schemed to cause Arthur to get into his very first accident. Thomas apologized to Arthur and now the two are friends. Arthur is a handsome engine, red with the letters LMS on his side.
  • Bash

    Bash and his twin Dash are small twin engines who like to finish each other's sentences. They used to work the railway on the mainland, but they caused too much trouble and were sent to the railway on Misty Island, where they became "Logging Locos" along with Ferdinand.
  • Belle

  • Ben

    Ben is Bill's identical twin in every respect. The twins are probably the most teasing and mischievous characters of the whole railway family. Bill and Ben have shown themselves to be very useful; after a rockslide at the Quarry, the brothers' quick thinking saved the workers and brought them to safety.
  • Bert

    Bert, along with Rex and Mike, works on the Small Railway. He is very proud of his blue coat. He arrived on the Island after his railway in England closed. He is not afraid to get back at someone if he thinks he has been wronged.
  • Bertie

    Bertie the Bus has a friendly grin and is ready to help any engine prepared to admit that roads have their uses as well as rails. He is the best of friends with Thomas the Tank Engine ever since their Great Race.
  • Bertram the 'Old Warrior'

    Bertram is a little old Engine who used to work at an abandoned mine near a castle. He earned the nickname "Old Warrior" by being brave. Toby once mistakenly thought Bertram was a ghost.
  • Big City Engine

    The Big City Engine is a quarrelsome engine from London. He travels from time to time for an overnight stay at the Big Station.
  • Bill

    Bill is Ben's identical twin in every respect. The twins are probably the most teasing and mischievous characters of the whole railway family. The initials on their boiler "SCC" stand for Sodor China Clay, which they haul around the island. Bill and Ben work at the Sodor China Clay Company as well as the harbor.