Engines & Vehicles

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Engines & Vehicles


Calley - Chuggington Wooden Railway

Calley, a shunting engine, is Dunbar's feisty assistant. She loves to help in any emergency and is like a big sister to the trainees.



$11.99 (save 20%)

Decka - Chuggington Wooden Railway

Decka is a double-decker passenger tram. She is like a young mom to the trainees, and has
a vibrant personality.



$13.49 (save 10%)

Green-Painted Wilson

Special Edition Green-Painted Wilson



$9.99 (save 33%)

Mtambo - Chuggington Wooden Railway

Mtambo is the Safari Park tour guide train. He is adventurous and wise, and loves to tell the stories of his adventures. The young chuggers hang on his every word.



$11.99 (save 20%)

Musical Car - Chuggington Wooden Railway

Hook up this fun and vibrant colored Musical Car to any engine or vehicle and sing along as it plays the popular Chuggington theme song!



$11.24 (save 25%)

Safari Cars - Chuggington Wooden Railway

A safari tour would not be complete without these 2-pack Safari Cars! Includes a removable elephant and retractible giraffe.



$15.99 (save 20%)

Out of stock

Winter Wonderland Brewster and Muscial Car - Chuggington Wooden Railway

Winter Wonderland Brewster with Musical Caboose features icy, snowy Brewster.
Press the top of the musical caboose to hear festive, fun tunes that are sure to bring
joy to all the chuggers!



$22.49 (save 10%)

Out of stock