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Bridges & Tunnels

Traveling around the Island of Sodor is exciting; build layouts that take you uphill, downhill, over a bridge and through a tunnel!


  • Drawbridge with Salty

    Make way for Salty in the Thomas and Friends Drawbridge with Salty! Salty is a diesel engine who works by the docks. Lift the lever so salty can travel through the drawbridge! Travel both over and under the bridge for double fun!
    $44.99 save 11%
  • Quarry Mine Tunnel

    Engines "disappear" into coal mine tunnel and magically 'reappear" through a secret door! Door swings open when engine appears after descending the tunnel. Realistic graphics. Inspired by the Thomas stories! Includes ascending track. Measures 16.5" long.
    $34.99 save 10%
  • Search & Rescue Sling Bridge with Flynn

    Flynn is Sodor's fire engine and a member of the Sodor Search and Rescue Team. Flynn is raring to rescue. Turn the knob to lift the bridge so he can race to any emergency!
    $39.99 save 25%
  • Suddery Swing Bridge

    Discover new bridge fun on Sodor with the Suddery Swing Bridge! This action-packed bridge rotates, and the gates magically rise to prevent engines from falling. Stop signs automatically pop up to direct traffic. Bridge is designed to have engines travel above or below: two levels of action! Includes two pieces of Ascending Track.
    $39.99 save 10%