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Engines & Vehicles

Each of Thomas' friends has an important job to do. Create your own team to get all the work done!


  • Adventures of Thomas 3-Car Pack

    The Adventures of Thomas 3-Car Pack features three different versions of Thomas direct from the latest Thomas & Friends videos. The pack includes Winter Wonderland Thomas, Paint-Splattered Thomas, and Thomas Comes to Breakfast. Each engine measures 3.5".
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  • Annie and Clarabel

    Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' two faithful coaches.
    $24.99 save 25%
  • Bash

    Bash is a logging locomotive from Misty Island. Look for Bash's twin, Dash!
    $13.99 save 25%
  • Battery-Powered James

    The James die-cast battery-powered engine features powerful four-wheel drive, easy start button, light, and realistic detail. Includes tender.
    $34.99 save 20%
  • Battery-Powered Percy

    The Percy die-cast battery-powered engine features powerful four-wheel drive, easy start button, light, and realistic detail.
    $24.99 save 20%
  • Battery-Powered Salty

    Salty is an old diesel engine who loves working at the docks and telling tales. Kids can watch and play along as this battery-powered Salty powers his way around Brendam Docks. This dockside diesel is a hard-working engine who loves to tell tales of his life by the sea. He occasionally works in the quarry and elsewhere on the Island of Sodor, but he's happiest down by the docks. Salty is a little rough around the edges but has a big heart.
    $21.99 save 10%


  • Belle

    Belle is a big blue engine with a brass bell. She works at the Sodor Search & Rescue Center helping to put out fires with her very useful water cannons. She asked to have Flynn brought to the Island to help her, realizing that she couldn't do the job on her own. Once Belle helped Thomas and Percy put out a fire at an old farm shed. Belle is said to be so nice that even Cranky likes her! She always tries her best.
    $21.99 save 25%
  • Bertram

    Bertram is an old dark brown engine who worked near an isolated mine on Sodor. He is known as the 'Old Warrior' because of his bravery. He remained at the mine until it was rediscovered years later. Toby thought he was a ghost at first, but the two were later introduced and became friends. Bertram now works at the restored mines, taking passengers to the fairground at the site.
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  • Birthday Thomas and Musical Caboose

    It's a birthday celebration and everyone is invited! This exclusive 2 pack features Thomas decorated in confetti and celebration deco, and a musical caboose that is decorated in confetti and plays the Happy Birthday Song when the cab is pressed! Two button cell batteries required.

    Please note that this unit ships with demo batteries installed. Because this item has been discontinued for some time, sometimes the batteries die before they reach their final destination. Please be aware you may need to change the batteries in order to enjoy the interactive features.
    $24.99 save 25%
  • Butch

    Welcome back Butch! Retired in 2007, Butch the Tow Truck is a breakdown vehicle on the Island of Sodor. He is kept busy clearing rubble, towing broken down or stranded vehicles, and assisting in engine rescues.
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  • Captain

    Captain is a life boat on the Island of Sodor. He is assured and always under control in any emergency situation.
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  • Charlie

    Charlie is a little purple engine with gold trim and red wheels. He wears the number 14 proudly. Charlie is always up for an adventure; while he is small engine, he likes to have a lot of fun and cause mischief.
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