Engines & Vehicles

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Engines & Vehicles

Engines & Vehicles

Each of Thomas' friends has an important job to do. Create your own team to get all the work done!


Adventures of Thomas 3-Car Pack

The Adventures of Thomas 3-Car Pack features three different versions of Thomas direct from the latest Thomas & Friends videos. The pack includes Winter Wonderland Thomas, Paint-Splattered Thomas, and Thomas Comes to Breakfast. Each engine measures 3.5".



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Dart is Den's fast and feisty assistant at the Dieselworks. Dart has worked with Den for so long it seems he can read Den's mind and will often quickly explain what Den is trying to say. Dart is introduced on the DVD “Day of the Diesels”.



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Den is a diesel who runs the Dieselworks... when Diesel 10 is not around. Den is slow and thoughtful when he speaks, but he is very wise so it is worth the wait. While he is not devious, he is still a diesel.



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Diesel 10

A renegade diesel engine on The Island of Sodor who is 10 out of 10 for brutal strength and devious deeds. He and his claw are out to destroy the harmony of Sir Topham Hatt's Railway.



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Emily is a beautiful engine with shiny paintwork and gleaming brass fittings. After she rescued Oliver and Toad when they were stuck on the tracks, Sir Topham Hatt rewarded her with a brand-new pair of coaches.



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Harold the Helicopter

Good-hearted Harold brings welcome but noisy visits to the quiet Sodor landscape.



James Lights the Way

Push the button on James to see James' special lamp light up, just like in the episode "James in the Dark".



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Light Up Aquarium Cars

Colorful and fun, the large tanks of the aquarium cars help to transport sea creatures to all Festivals and Carnivals on the Island of Sodor. Each non-toxic liquid-filled car includes a moving octopus or shark inside. Press the button to light up the car!



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Mud-Covered Thomas

Restoring the town of Great Waterton is a big job! While Thomas tries to prove how Really Useful he is, he chases a runaway freight car down an abandoned mine, bursts through a tunnel and ends up on a hillside covered in mud and leaves.



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Muddy Thomas and George

Thomas is helping his friend George finish his job at the construction site. Thomas is so busy racing around he finds himself all covered in mud!



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Percy is the junior member of the principal team of engines. This little chap is normally quite happy puffing around the yard. He's always keen to oblige, a fact of which the other engines are apt to take advantage.



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Percy and the Engine Wash Car

Have fun with Sudsy Percy! Inspired by the episode "Slippy Sodor" this fun 2-pack features a new sudsy decorated Percy and an Engine Wash cargo car that has real sudsy liquid inside!



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