Engines & Vehicles

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Engines & Vehicles

Engines & Vehicles

Each of Thomas' friends has an important job to do. Create your own team to get all the work done!



Reintroduced for limited time only! Dodge is a green diesel engine. He is Splatter's brother,
and both work at the Diesel Works as Diesel 10's side kicks!




Easter Thomas

It's Easter on the Island of Sodor and Thomas is decorated with an Easter banner for everyone to see! Perfect for your little engineer's basket!



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Edward is an older engine and extremely kind: kind to small engines who get into difficulties; kind to big engines when they're rude or impatient; kind to trucks and coaches which he almost never bumps.




Emily is a beautiful engine with shiny paintwork and gleaming brass fittings. After she rescued Oliver and Toad when they were stuck on the tracks, Sir Topham Hatt rewarded her with a brand-new pair of coaches.



Fearless Freddie

Fearless Freddie is the warhorse engine of the Narrow Gauge railway. A handsome engine with a big, brass dome, he was in his youth the daredevil of the hills.



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Ferdinand is a logging locomotive from Misty Island. He is a gentle giant - bigger and slower than Bash and Dash.



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Flynn is a red fire engine. As a member of the Sodor Search & Rescue Team, he is always busy performing rescues with Harold the Helicopter and Captain. Flynn is kind and he is always eager to help everyone, which makes him very popular with the engines on Sodor. Flynn works often with Belle, who keeps him on track when he makes mistakes, usually because he is so enthusiastic and eager to rescue.



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Fog Cars

The nights can be foggy and damp on the Island of Sodor. And on those nights, Sir Topham Hatt relies on the fog cars to lead the way with a blast of the foghorn to warn of any danger on the tracks. Press for a realistic foghorn sound!

Please note that this unit ships with demo batteries installed. Because this item has been discontinued for some time, sometimes the batteries die before they reach their final destination. Please be aware you may need to change the batteries in order to enjoy the interactive features.



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Gordon is the senior member of the engine family, the fastest and most powerful engine on the rails. He's extremely proud and inclined to boast. He's good-hearted and always willing to use his superior strength.



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Retired in 2004, the Sodor Handcar pushes and pulls as it goes! The handle moves up and down as it moves along the rails. This is a limited reintroduction and will make a great addition to any collection.



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Harold the Helicopter

Good-hearted Harold brings welcome but noisy visits to the quiet Sodor landscape.




Henry is a long, fast engine with a streamlined look. His vanity and temperament were made famous when the tunnel he refused to leave, for fear of ruining his coat of paint, was bricked over so that he could not get out!