Bulk Wooden Track

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Bulk Wooden Track


Star Track

This Star Track is the most amazing Switch Track of them all! It is a intersection and 4 three-way switches all put together Your trains engines can come in from one direction and they can head out any of the three other directions. This makes for an almost unlimited amount of different layouts and options. Each track piece has 2 male connecters and 2 female connectors (+ + - - ).



$9.99 (save 9%)

Support Blocks

This 6-pack of Support Blocks works great for holding up ascending tracks and also to support elevated tracks.



$10.99 (save 15%)

Switch Track (MFF)

Add this type of switching track to your existing design so you can decide where your trains should go. Give your young engineer more choices in building layouts with these switch tracks.



$2.79 (save 20%)

Switching & Crossing Track

These Switching and Crossing Track pieces are 6" long.



$3.99 (save 20%)

T-Switch Track

Reverse onto the side track and change direction. 

  • Each track piece has one male connecter and 2 female connectors (+ - - )
  • Made from 100% hardwood
  • Compatible with Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway, Brio and other fine Wooden Train Sets and Accessories
  • Backed by Maxim's Enterprises 90 day product guarantee



$9.49 (save 21%)