About Chuggington

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About Chuggington

What is Chuggington?

Chuggington is a land where trains come to life! In this train-based world, the "chuggers" are talking characters based on trains of all types, from old steam engines to sleek new bullet trains. Based on a 3D CGI television series for preschoolers, the land of Chuggington is action packed and energetic. Each episode is entertaining, with lots of positive life lessons mixed in. Little fans will learn about values such as friendship, hard work, and sharing while they root for the three young "trainees" - Wilson, Koko and Brewster - as they learn to ride the rails in Chuggington.

Chuggington Character Guide

Each of the Chuggers in Chuggington have their own special job to do, and they each have unique and special personalities. Visit our Chuggington Character Guide to learn all about the Chuggers, people and animals who live and work in this magical land.

Chuggington Wooden Railway

The Chuggington Wooden Railway brings the magical world of Chuggington to life with the nostalgic charm of wooden train play. Visit Chuggington Wooden Railway to learn more about this new, exciting spin on a timeless toy.

About the Show

Chuggington is an broadcast internationally to over 175 territories world wide. In the United States, the show is aired on the Disney Junior channel.