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Some readers have been kind enough to email us stories about their children with ASD and Thomas the Tank Engine. If you would like to share your experiences, you can email us at


My son is 6 yrs old and was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at 4 yrs old. He has thing for Thomas like I have never seen before. I had no clue this could be linked to this syndrome.

In September 06' he started Kindergarten and he was into Thomas but then I decided because he was getting older I would switch his room to Cars not thinking anything of it but then I realized that he didn't like school, he would scream in the morning to school and it would take like an hour to calm him down once he got there.

So in the month of March I give him the Thomas movies back and he was ecstatic. He started having good days at school, then I took all the Cars stuff and gave it to his cousin and I put all the Thomas stuff back up. Lo and behold he had the BEST week ever, he participated and did ALL his work even his HOMEWORK. I was in shock. So I so happen to be reading my Asperger's Syndrome book and I find a part of the book that talks about Thomas and children with Asperger's. I felt sooo sad cause I felt I did something wrong but then I realized that I had no clue and that everyday I am learning something new. This kids room is like the whole Island of!